Write for us

Or should I say “Write with us!”

We are always looking for new travel destinations to highlight, new travel stories to share! Whether it’s a city break, a big trip or a story about your hometown you want to share.

Even this little town (no one ever heard about) that you visited recently. We want it too 🙂

Traveling is an experience as diverse as the people you encounter in your trips, there’s no formatted way of doing it. So, If you have a great story come and share it with us (ps: we can’t resist to stories empowering women or encouraging diversity)


  • Content without grammar and spelling errors (I’m already struggling with my own, you won’t help me improve)
  • Unique content. This one is important as Google doesn’t appreciate duplicate contents. It is considered a spam
  • Quality pictures (that you own or state your sources)
  • You need to stay around to respond to the feedback your post will trigger
  • A short bio with your social media handles and link to your blog.

ps (again): If you are a travel blogger guest blogging will get us both traffic, opportunity to improve our DA. And of course, reach more people

Let’s get in touch to publish your stories!