I’m a city girl at heart.

When I say city, I mean no beaches, no suburbs.
Being in the midst of the city’s pubs, restaurants, libraries, and monuments gives my heart a beat I can’t find elsewhere.
I can’t explain it, but when I’m far away, my heart doesn’t vibrate the same way. I find a sense of glee when I’m in the city, and the gentle breeze strokes my face.

The sounds coming from the hustle and bustle are a sweet melody to my heart. It signifies the whole city is wide awake and ready to tackle new challenges and come out winning!

What adds even more to the beauty of the scenery are historical landmarks found in museums and monuments. They give each city its own touch and perfume the city with a unique narrative.
In Washington DC, plenty are the views. For one, it is the capital of the most powerful nation in the whole world, and several places attract visitors, not only internationally, but also nationally.
It is not uncommon for “Washingtonians” to have never been near the White House, the Lincoln, Martin Luther King’s, or the Jefferson memorials.

Washington DC has so many symbolic features it’s easy to miss out on the less-talked-about blazes that are spread out through the city.

If you’re like me, you enjoy a good background to capture your stroll through the city.

Here are 3 places that perfectly encapsulate the feelings the city evokes in me:




Photo by @clareinthecity on Instagram.


CityCenterDC is like my own personal slice of heaven in the midst of the city’s music. Located right by another landmark, Chinatown, CityCenterDC sits pretty in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. While the city is engulfed in traffic, transactions and everyday activities, CityCenterDC offers an interruption at anytime of the day where one can shop, eat or even sit for a few minutes to just absorb everything that’s happening around.

The luminosity surrounding the place offers a great background for pictures.


The Bridge at the Yards Park

The Bridge at the Yards Park

Photo taken from www.ihitthebutton.com.

This bridge to me symbolizes the nature of a city. You’re passing through. It’s the center of activity for many different people and all walks of life collide at a single point. Being in the city gives me a view of this beautiful encounter. I see the city as a place where one has a unique chance for personal growth. Being around so many different backgrounds forces you to expand your perspective on so many different things. You walk away enriched in your thinking without even realizing it.

I love this bridge because of the aerial views it offers. Pictures taken there promise to be ethereal and vibrant with life!


Pershing Park

Pershing park

This place offers a solace in the city. Although located not too far from the White House and other historic monuments, it is relatively unknown. Visitors don’t flock to it, yet it is perfect for meditation or any outdoor session.

The placement of the steps reinforces even more its concept of tranquillity because the first thing you probably see are seats up higher, then one can take steps down to access its center and discover even more serenity. Once you get to the bottom of the steps you’ll discover a duck pond you can observe while sitting. These days the duck pond has been replaced by absolutely dry land but the stillness is still there.

It’s pretty perfect for pictures because you are unencumbered with passersby or even just curious folks. You can flicker it up at will.


As you can probably tell by now, I’m a girl who enjoys the quiet in the midst of the storm. Each is intrinsically connected with the other. I just can’t have one without the other.

If you’re like me, that place offers you an even more reflective glare of things that exist around you but that sometimes you take for granted.

With that in mind, enjoy your stroll!

Washington DC

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Kimie Mbongo

Kimie Mbongo is originally from Gabon, Africa. She has had the chance to travel the world in her youth and discover the diversity of cultures around the globe. She’s become passionate about the connection between culture and social issues. She is on a perpetual quest to better understand people’s backgrounds in order to better tailor a solution to their specific set of circumstances. She is a problem solver before anything else.
Kimie has studied political science and global affairs. She has been working with children since 2011 and lent her hand to several non profit ventures as an assistant and coordinator for years.
In her spare time, Kimie enjoys reading a good book and spending time with loved ones. She also has a secret love for sewing, and occasionally tries her hand at special projects.

She enjoys spending time with loved ones, discovering new spots in the city, reading and getting to know God.

She compiles her thoughts and personal experiences on her blog : http://honorreinstated.blogspot.com/
Kimie Mbongo
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