Hello, guys! I’m taking you on a little trip to Zanzibar! We are taking a boat across the sea to discover Changuu Island also known as Prison Island.

A bit of history

In the 1860s the Island hosted a coral mine and a prison for rebellious slaves. The British later purchased the island in 1893 and built a prison complex. No prisoners were ever housed there.
It became a quarantine station for yellow fever cases.
Today the Island is a popular holiday destination and a giant Tortoise sanctuary, located only 30 min away from the mainland.
Zanzibar boat

Meet the captain and his second 🙂

Prison Island

prison Island

Paradise I’m coming!!!


We set foot on this beautiful wooden pontoon and went straight to see the tortoises (after a couple of pictures of course 🙂 ).

prison island wooden pontoon

My friend and guide Aiysha

prisonn island pontoon

Another one with this gorgeous view 🙂

The Tortoises

Hundred of pictures later 🙂 we finally got to the main entrance. It cost US$4 to see the Aldabra giant tortoises. They are vulnerable species, so a dedicated foundation is looking at their welfare.

Those are the youngest separated from the adults

zanzibar tortoises

Here are the Tortoises

The oldest ones have their age written in blue on their shells this one below is 31 years old

tortoise zanzibar

The staff gives you some leaves to feed the Tortoise at the entrance

Tortoise in zanzibar

Feeding my new friend

The old prison

A couple of selfies later, we went to visit the old prison. Some cells can be visited, and we actually change our clothes to bikini in one of them, turned into a restroom

As you can see the old prison is still standing facing the sea

Aiysha says the traders shipped the slaves from here to their horrible fate. That beautiful place has such a dark story for the people who were held there.

Another view of the gate

The cool stuff

And last but not least! Our well-deserved beach treats 🙂 We went early in the morning so we had the beach to ourselves.

People started coming around 10 am

zanzibar beach

Look at that water!

Gladiator! This is Zanzibaaar!

Our Gladiator boat waiting for us to go back to the mainland

This is the end (#adelevoice ) of our little getaway to Prison Island. I hope you enjoyed it!

You have some general info about Zanzibar on my introduction post Here

I went with my dear friend Aiysha from http://www.inzanzibarbyaiysha.com/ who’s one of the few female guides there.

You can also find her on IG

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