I woke up one 7th February and realised my 30th birthday wasn’t so far …

So I made a list of things i always wanted to do, decided to stop being a spectator of my own life and actually start making things happening.

With that said, instead of “ I wake up, I go to work, I go home, I go to sleep” routine, I’ve progressively added more flavour(not too much I’m still new at theI’m living my lifething)to my pretty classic life.

opening cliché/guru/therapist tag

I’m on that phase of becoming the better version of myself, I’m taking yoga lesson, drink green smoothie, read the label on things I buy …you know stuff like that, and it does feel good and it’s rewarding ! So I’m a keep doing this

closing cliché/guru/therapist tag

Let’s get back to my little list. I have travelling, meeting new people, getting my driving licence, experience diving, photography lessons (for better quality pictures, and its such a shame i have a bridge camera and only use the automatic mode), finding bae (yeah I’m in that single section too, still no cat tho) and so many other things I won’t force you to know for now.

What else needed for an introduction first post…? Hum I’m a girl, IT engineers, I pretty love my job (for now). English is not my first language so I’m challenging myself with that blog thing (please, do have mercy on me for the mistakes). I love books, video games, food (FRIED PLANTAIN (aloko) it’s sacred for me, pizza,tiramisu…)

…… what more ? I live in Lyon, France for the moment, I’ll be sharing my travel here, little expedition to restaurants, bars and things i feel like sharing.

And see! I’ve already started going places, I’ll soon post about that little trip in sunny Barcelona this summer




Oh, Hello ! I should have started by that, I’m Ayana,Sacha my dear friend is somewhere on a trip to a sunny country while I’m here… in the cold winter… doing the introduction post, going to work….UNFAIR !!

I hope you guys passing by, like what you’re reading, see you !



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